• Education empowers the poor
  • Spreading smiles
  • The poor need opportunities

“The Man who works for others, without any selfish motive, really does good to himself.”

-Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Other Activities

Nandini Voice For the Deprived conducts investigative studies on various socio economic issues based on primary study and publishes the findings of the study.

 Several studies have been carried out in the recent past relating to various problems such as the following :

  • Problems  faced by visually impaired women
  • Views of women on tasmac liquor shops in Tamil Nadu
  • Job prospects for fresh engineers in Tamil Nadu
  • Role of money power and muscle power in elections

Nandini voice For The Deprived conducts dissemination programme from time to time,  when speakers discuss about the issues  in open meetings. The objective of the programme is to sensitise the people about various issues faced by the country,  particularly relating to deprived and downtrodden people.

The programmes have been conducted on various themes such as the following :

  • Effectiveness of RTI Act
  • How to eradicate corruption and nepotism?
  • Should  the Election Commission ban criminals from contesting election,  against whom charges have been admitted in the court to take up the case ?
  • Inherent powers of Election Commission


Nandini Voice For The Deprived extends support to differently abled persons to realise their aspirations and gather public support for their cause.

It has conducted several exhibitions of products made by differently  abled persons to encourage their self employment pursuits and sensitise the public about the capability of the differently abled persons.

Mr.K.Udhayakumar is a differently abled person and can move only in wheel chair. He suffers from muscular distrophy, He is imaginative  artist.

M0bile No- 87554495903 , 9543111282




In Human a combination of inherited disorders characterized by low or no melanin fabrication. It may cause to the risk of skin cancer. Most of the people affected by albinism have whitish skin and eye. And also they are sensitive to the sun. No specific cure has exists till now.

Mr. S. Ezhil Arasan is suffering from albinism. He is now carrying out a campaign to spread awareness about the albinism amongst people and support those suffering from this deficiency.

Please extend support for  his efforts.

Contact address :

Mr. S. Ezhil Arasan,

39,3rd Cross Street, Devi Eswari Nagar,Thendral Nagar (East ),Thirumullaivoyal,Chennai - 600062

Tele:- 9940401422  /  9176587074

Skill up gradation training for poor in Chennai for differently able persons, Women’s and poor students have been organized.

We provide Two months free computer course as a vacation course for poor students in Chennai.

Mr.K.Udhayakumar is a differently able person and can move only in a wheelchair with someone's help. He suffers from muscular dystrophy, He is an imaginative artist, who's skill was upgraded with us.

You can reach him at any time to know his inspirational success story. And to know and buy his Artworks contact the following number.  Mobile No- 87554495903, 9543111282.