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“Patriotism means not a mere sentiment or even emotion of love of the motherland but a passion to serve our fellow suffering country men.

If you want to find God, serve man. To reach Narayana, you must serve the daridranarayanas – the starving millions of India”.

-Swami Vivekananda

Educational Support For Poor Students

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Free Computer Education:

Nandini Voice for the Deprived provides free Computer education for poor in Chennai, youth belonging to lower income group and senior citizens. In the case of youths, the must need a job to promote their life and family, so we provide six months computer course training in basic and fundamental computer operations. So that they can get a job as a data entry operator or any call center job easily. 
We offer free Computer education for poor in Chennai for over eight thousand students from the beginning to till now. Educational support for poor students will give us a chance to grow up them along with their family to improve their status in society.
We got motivated and encouraged by seeing the success of our students. Above 80 percent of our students successfully complete their course. Their employment rate is also got increased 80 percent.
We did not collect any hidden charges as Registration Fees, Application Fees, Tuition Fees Etc. We offer it for completely free courses Program only for the Poor and needy students.
At present, computer education and Educational support for poor are functioning at Besant Nagar and Korattur in Chennai.
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Support for  Poor Students:

Nandini Voice For the Deprived provides educational support for poor students in and around Chennai. 
We all know that child education is very important aspect n every human being. And it is a powerful aspect boosts for social transformation. It is a very pity to say in our country there are lots and lots of children are there who can't get even their primary education.
In Chennai, it is the case that a child can go to school to get an education only when the family was employed and standard income. For others, education is like a dream.
Realizing this we support for poor students in the form of giving them an education in school and college. Over the last fifteen years, many students belonging to lower income group in Chennai have successfully reached their goal as pursuing a degree.
We are planning to extend our support for education from Chennai to all over Tamilnadu. This has been possible only by the support extended by many kind hearted persons all over India to the efforts of Nandini Voice For The Deprived.

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