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28 Jan



                                         SHOULD  STUDENTS  STUDY  OR  AGITATE


The recent students agitation in Tamil Nadu demanding jallikattu has been  applauded by Tamil media and section of English media,. Some have even said that the students in Tamil Nadu have now received world admiration for conducting this agitation and has set a new trend for the student community all over India.

Some media personnel and commentators have gone to the extent of saying that students should launch similar style of agitation on several other issues to force the governments to relent and submit to their demands.

Such applause may encourage the students to organize themselves with even more vigour and perhaps, Tamil Nadu is likely to see more of such students agitation in the coming days ,encouraged by the media support.  

However, it is  high time that the concerned citizens of Tamil Nadu should ponder as to whether such trend among students community will do good for Tamil Nadu and for students themselves.

In several schools and colleges, particularly those run by government, students getting into politics and organizing themselves on the basis of political affiliations have become the order of the day. Various groups of students are seen to indulge in pitched battle between themselves using deadly weapons.

While  world is moving ahead with great developments in field of knowledge and invention  in every field,  students have glorious opportunities ahead of them and they should realise this. While certainly they should be concerned about the various issues , their thinking that they should spearhead such reforms can become counter productive  

 It is high time   that the students should realise themselves that their prime task is to study and equip themselves with knowledge and talent to forge ahead in life. If they start thinking that they should be agitators as much as students , then the students would be the losers themselves , while  politicians and media will use them for their benefits.  



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