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“We  shall  not  look  at  caste  or  religion,  All  human  beings in  this land  whether  they be those who preach the  vedas  or  who  belong  to  other  castes  are  one”


04 Apr



Nandini  Voice for the Deprived  ,  a Chennai based non profit organization is organizing  a free course  of 60 hours duration to impart general knowledge for students sand youth belonging to lower income group.

Objecctive :

A recent survey made by Nandini Voice for the Deprived across Tamil Nadu indicates that the general knowledge  level of the students and youth  is very inadequate   and as a result,  they are unable to plan their  future career goals with adequate understanding of the ground realities.

Such situation calls for organizing a special course to impart knowledge on various fields,  which are not part of curriculam  in the educational institutions.

Cross section of subjects would be covered in the course including historical details, environmental issues, progress  in the field of medical science, new developments such as artificial intelligence,  cloud funding, crypto currency, , political and economic theories practiced across the world etc. 

The course will take place for a duration of three hours on every Saturday and Sunday.

The venue will be in Adyar  neighbourhood.

The course would commence  as soon as  any restrictions  on public movement by the government due to COVID 19  issue would be lifted.

Those in the age group of less than 30 years would be admitted.

Those interested  may call 24916037 to register their names for participating in the programme.

Senior personnel  with specialized knowledge  in any particular field who desire to  volunteer their services  to  take classes  may also contact  N.S.Venkataraman, Trustee , Nandini Voice for The Deprived, Tele. No. 24916037.


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