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“We  shall  not  look  at  caste  or  religion,  All  human  beings in  this land  whether  they be those who preach the  vedas  or  who  belong  to  other  castes  are  one”


08 Jan




In the context of the forthcoming Republic Day, Nandini Voice for the Deprived, (nandinivoice.org) a Chennai based non government organization , is conducting  an All India survey  to ascertain the views of the people on the above subject.

Spiritual politics is not based on caste or religion and the term refers  to the politics  based on probity in public life , devoid of  corruption and nepotism in political activities.

In recent times, most people are unhappy that standards of politics in the country has descended to unacceptable level, with  several politicians  being suspected of  dishonest practices and consequently corruption  in the government machinery and private organisations being increasingly seen.

In such circumstances, people are looking for clean politics , which alone can solve several socio economic issues in the country and enable the society to forge ahead.

The question is whether spiritual politics is possible ?

All Indian citizens can send their views  on the subject. Best of ten  well argued views will be awarded prize , of which five prizes would be awarded for students. Views  may be sent before 31st January

N.S.Venkataraman, Nandini Voice for the Deprived, Chennai

E mail :- nsvenkatchennai@gmail.com



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