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29 May

Convert some engineering colleges and plytechnics to arts and science colleges


Convert some engineering colleges and plytechnics

to arts and science colleges

It causes concern to see young plus two passed students , even with more than 85% aggregate marks ,  running from pillar to post  to get admission in the subject of their choice in arts and science colleges in Tamil Nadu.  Students from middle and upper income group unquestioningly  and helplessly pay the exhorbitant fees demanded by  self financing colleges  to get admission.  However, students from poor families are left high and dry leading to high level of  frustration.

At the same time, there are more than 500 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu and there are polytechnics which are much more in number. In the engineering colleges, every year more than one lakh seats remain unfilled and amongst the passed out students , hardly 40% get  appropriate jobs. The others remain under employed or unemployed for considerable period. 

Why not convert  atleast 200 engineering colleges and polytechnics in Tamil Nadu to arts and science colleges this academic year itself?

This would make seats available for aspiring plus two students in arts and science subjects, bring down the high fees demanded by the self financing colleges and also several engineering colleges which  have very low level of students joining and are on the verge of closure  will become more productive.



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