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"What we should aim at is the creation of people power, which is opposed to the power of violence and is different from the coercive power of state."
-   Acharya Vinoba Bhave



                                                              DEBATE  FOR  COLLEGE   STUDENTS 


                                       “IS PRIVACY ISSUE  BLOWN OUT OF  PROPORTION  IN  INDIA ?


Nandini  Voice for The Deprived ( nandinivoice.com)  is organizing a debate for college students on  whether privacy  and fundamental  rights issue is blown out of proportion ?

Objective :

The unanimous judgement of the supreme Court judges that privacy is a fundamental right and is essentially natural right to every individual has been hailed as a historic verdict of far reaching significance by many quarters.  However, there are critics too who argue that liberty of individuals cannot be a matter of personal affair but it has to be considered as an adjustment of interest and has to be limited to some extent  The critics  say that the privacy issue cannot be seen in isolation.

The objective of conducting the debate competition is to provide an opportunity to college students to introspect on the supreme Court judgement  and  express  their  views.

Date :-  17th September,2017 (Sunday)

Venue :-  Besant Nagar,  Chennai

The debate would commence at 9.30 a.m.

Other details:

All college students can participate and can present their views either in English or Tamil.

Each student would be given 12 minutes for presentation

Best of five  students  would be awarded  prize

Interested  studentS   have to register their  name before   14th September by  contacting over telephone no. 24916037 or by email   nsvenkatchennai@gmail.com


Nandini Voice for The Deprived

M 60/1, 4th Cross Street,Besant Nagar,Chennai-600090

















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